Will people adapt to Google Wave?

Ever since Google launched it's Wave in the Google I/O, the Rasmussen brothers creation has recieved a lot of praise from critics. It is said to integrate a host of features offered by likes of Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook etc. Google has also given a lot of liberty to third party developers to make gadgets for it much like it did for the iphonewhich is a good thing. However, a lot of people are begining to question the outright use of Wave until and unless it is openly availible to one and all. I personally found it very similar to e-mail but, that's just me.
And while it has many features that are unique and very useful on paper, the question to be asked is that whether or not businesses will start using it and integrate it into their work to make life easier. What do you think?
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SAP goes all out against Google's game changing Wave

SAP is planning to release a decision-making tool dubbed Constellation that could be a rival to Google's Wave collaboration platform. Constellation will consist of a cloud-based tool accessible via a Web browser, as well as an on-premises component, according to an SAP official. The cloud tool is now in private beta under the code name 12Sprints. The tool allows users to collaborate in real time on problem-solving activities using widgets for cataloging the pros and cons of a scenario, or for conducting analyses using the SWOT methodology for identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.Meanwhile, Constellation's on-premises component will let users tap securely into their company's various data stores.

Facebook will soon make major changes to its social networking site’s privacy settings to make it easier for users to know what personal information and photographs they're sharing. The site will also lose the "regional networks" feature that allows people to share profile data with other people who live in the same area. The data is available to complete strangers – millions of them in some cases -- unless a user makes specific changes to their privacy settings. Facebook also plans to add the ability to administer access for each piece of content posted to the site, a feature CEO Zuckerberg said has been requested by users.

Google is changing how it grants access to news stories through its search engine, giving publishers more control over how much of their content people can see for free. The move by Google marks a step toward placating the publishing industry, which has raised concerns that the popular search engine has undermined its revenues. Under the new system, people will be able to obtain free access to participating sites' premium content via Google a maximum of five times a day. The changes apply to searches done through both Google News and its regular Web search.

China and Taiwan have agreed to promote the EPUB digital book format for the Chinese-language market, a move that could have far-reaching implications for the markets for e-book and e-reader markets. The Chinese are avid readers and publishers will have to use the open standard EPUB format for materials they hope to sell in the market of 1.3 billion people. People in Taiwan also enjoy reading, and companies on the island are leading the charge to build e-readers. The move could ultimately disadvantage Amazon, which uses a proprietary file format in its Kindle e-readers.

And those are the top stories from the IDG Global IT News Update, brought to you by the IDG News Service. I’m Peter Sayer in Paris. Join us again later for more news from the world of technology.
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Google Wave User Manual Released

Confused about how to use Google Wave, the new Google product that combines messaging, wiki-like features and group collaboration into a single app? You’re not alone.
To clear up the confusion, we recently publishedGoogle Wave: A Complete Guide, a feature-length article that explains Wave in plain English.
Now Gina Trapani and Adam Pash have gone a step further, releasing The Complete Guide to Google Wave. The book, which is available for free online, details all of Wave’s features – and some use cases – in 8 chapters. It’s a super-handy reference if you’re still stuck on how to get the most out of Wave.

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All 8 invites left

I just recieved my 'invites wave' in my wave account and have 8 invites to give out. Since i cant decide who to give it out to, I will give it out to whoever deserves it(Playing Google here). Just post a short comment on why you need wave along with your e-mail ID's and I will see who deserves it the most!

Note: Invite winners will be informed latest by December 15, 2009.

Keep openwaving!


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Use of Google Wave

What good is google wave till it open to all? To me, it is just an amazing tool with which i can do absolutely nothing. Lets all start open waving and make as many friends as we can so that it Wave can be put to proper use. Go Open Waving.

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